Growth and Wellbeing scan including gender (if required) and 3D/4D

This scan includes:

- Growth & Wellbeing check including measurements
- Fetal weight estimation
- Placental & amniotic fluid checks
- 2D pictures
- 3D pictures*
- DVD of scan including 4D*
- Report of the scan

- cost £75.00

* We will walk you around if your baby is not in a good position. Unfortunately we cannot rebook you to come back another day

This scan is excluded from other packages and offers

Please call 01732 897666 for more information


General Ultrasound Scan

We are offering a general abdominal, pelvic, testicular, kidney, aortic or musculo-skeletal ultrasound scan for £50.00 with a GP referral.

Appointments usually available daily and results will be back with your GP the same day as your scan.

Evening and Saturday appointments available.

Please call 01732 897666 for more information