Early, dating and viability scans (6 – 15 weeks)

Why have an early pregnancy scan?

The purpose of this scan is to confirm your baby has a heartbeat, how many babies there are and when your baby may be due.

Parents often find that coming for an ultrasound scan at this stage in pregnancy is reassuring especially if there has been some bleeding. It is also comforting to know all is well in this pregnancy especially if there has been a problem in a previous pregnancy such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

How is the scan carried out?

Under 10 weeks the best way to see your baby and get clearer images is by carrying out a transvaginal scan (internal scan). However, if you would prefer to come with a full bladder we can start by scanning you this way and the undertake a transvaginal scan if necessary.

The Ultrasonographer carrying out the scan will give you a clear explanation of the procedure before the examination and will explain what they can see on the monitor during the scan.

How do I get the results?

After the scan you will be given a report of our findings and the Ultrasonographer will explain what you should do or who you should see next in your pregnancy.

What is included in the cost of the scan?

We will give you a report and pictures of your scan.

Limitations of ultrasound

Ultrasound does have its limitations which might mean we get limited views of your baby. These usually occur if: You have a high BMI, if your bladder is not full enough and you decline a transvaginal scan or if you have a lot of gas in your bowel. 

If we cannot see your baby clearly, we will give you another appointment ‘free’ of charge.