Ultrasound imaging is a method of obtaining pictures or images from different organs inside the human body. It involves sending very high frequency sound waves (NOT X-rays) through your body. These sound waves are reflected off your internal organs. The reflections (or echoes) are then processed by a powerful computer that subsequently creates an image on the monitor.

When we scan your baby it will be totally unaware or unaffected by the ultrasound at the machine setting we use. Movement of the baby is usually because we put pressure on your abdomen which moves the fluid the baby lives. This in turn moves the baby.

At Kent Medical Imaging we use GE ultrasound machines as we feel they give us the best images to allow us to provide the high quality service we pride ourselves on. All our machines are regularly checked and serviced to ensure we are providing you with the safest possible service.

In addition to the equipment all our staff are state registered, have a postgraduate qualification or higher in ultrasound and have an interest in the field in which they are scanning. All staff undertaking nuchal translucency scanning are licensed and audited annually by the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

During your ultrasound scan we ensure the minimum exposure levels are adhered to in compliance with our professional guidelines (

Our bone density machine uses low dose X-rays and any radiation risk is negligible. The operator in the room with you does not need to be behind a screen like having a conventional X-ray. There will always be a state registered Radiographer in the clinic when a bone scan is undertaken and we have a Radiation Protection Advisor who monitors and checks the equipment as per our professional guidelines ( Our machine is regularly checked and serviced to ensure we are providing you with the safest possible service.

The Consultant who reports all the bone density scan results has worked for many years in this field and is a recognised expert by his peers.