Testicular Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan of the testicles and the tissue around them is often the first examination carried out if you suspect you may have a problem. It is a simple, painless examination which is usually carried out by a male Ultrasonographer at Kent Medical Imaging.

Why have a testicular ultrasound scan?

A lump or pains in the testicles are the commonest indications for an ultrasound scan. It may help your doctor determine if the cause of the problem is a simple benign cyst. It can also show more serious diseases such as some forms of cancer.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer found in young men between the ages of 15-49 years; however it can develop at any age. Why only this cancer affects some men is not clearly understood but the incidence has doubled in the last 20 years. This means about 1500 men a year develop the disease.

Early diagnosis of testicular cancer allows for the correct treatment to be given to ensure that the disease is prevented from spreading. Modern treatment for testicular cancer is extremely successful, as 90% of cases will be treated effectively.

For this scan there is no preparation.

How do I get the results?

After the examination the Ultrasonographer will explain the findings to you however as we do not always have your full medical history or all your test results so we may not be able to comment on everything we see on the scan.

A report will be sent to your doctor after the examination is finished. You will be asked to make an appointment with the doctor who referred you for the scan and they will discuss the results of the scan with you and any further treatment or examinations you might need. If you self- refer a copy of the results will also be sent to you. 

Limitations of Ultrasound

Ultrasound can only diagnose abnormalities if they are present at the time of the scan. Abnormalities can develop at any time and whilst the Ultrasonographers at KMI will be looking for signs of early changes in your organs they cannot predict the future. If you have any concerns about this then please discuss them with the Ultrasonographer in the room prior to starting your scan.

Bi-annual Testicular Assessment

KMI offer a bi-annual scan to examine the testes and the tissue around them at a reduced rate if you have been previously for this examination. This is so that we can monitor any changes and look for early signs of cancer. We will notify you when your appointment is due.